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Pandora Collections

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Pandora You Are Loved Collection

From charms to necklaces and earrings to bracelets, you will find the perfect gift this Valentine's day with the Valentine’s You Are Loved Collection:

Asymmetric Heart of Love

PANDORA Reflexion heart clip charm in sterling silver with shaded powder pink and transparent enamel.

Asymmetric Heart of Love
Asymmetrical heart dangle in sterling silver with shaded crimson red, powder pink, transparent pale pink and transparent enamel and engraving “Loved”

Asymmetric Hearts of Love Charm

In sterling silver with heart detail and 4 flush-set heart-shaped red cubic zirconia, 34 bead-set red cubic zirconia, 32 bead-set royal purple crystals and 44 bead-set pink cubic zirconia

Asymmetric Hearts of Love
Heart clip in sterling silver with 16 bead-set red cubic zirconia, 18 bead-set royal purple crystals, 13 bead-set pink cubic zirconia and crimson red enamel

Loved Script Chained loved dangle in PANDORA Shine and sterling silver

Medallion of Love Ring in PANDORA Shine and sterling silver with the engraving “Loved” and “You”

Loved Script Loved ring in PANDORA Shine and sterling silver with 1 bezel-set clear cubic zirconia

Loved Script Necklace Loved collier in PANDORA Shine and sterling silver and 50 cm necklace, adjustable to 45 cm and 40 cm

Loved Script Bracelet Loved bracelet in PANDORA Shine and sterling silver

Moments Smooth Silver Padlock Bracelet, You Are Loved Heart Sterling silver snake chain bracelet with heart padlock clasp and engraving “You are loved” and raised “Loved”

Asymmetric Hearts of Love Asymmetrical heart hoop earrings in sterling silver

Pandora The Arrow

Have you been hit by that little love rascal Cupid, then this extra special Arrow Charm might be just thing to give to that person who stole your heart. Crafted in sterling silver, and coming in stud earrings and ring, add a little playfulness to this year’s Valentine’s day.


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