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Sandara Uses Smart Growth Strategy in 2018

by Sandara Group on

2018 was a brilliant year for the newly established Sandara Industry & Development Company LTD of Cambodia.

Sandara Industry and Development Cambodia

Not only did we take over the affordable luxury brands of Pandora, the exquisite Danish Jewelry brand, but we had the great fortune to be able to also help firmly establish the Bering Brand of Timepieces in Cambodia.

To help us through this initial growth stage we have had the great pleasure and fortune to collaborate with some wonderful companies throughout the year, and are looking to establish some more great partnerships into the year of 2019 and beyond.

Canadia Bank Partnership

Due to its firm standing within the Cambodian Banking landscape, Sandara saw a great opportunity establishing a strong relationship with Canadia bank and all of its card users.

Canadia bank Partnership with Sandara Cambodia

From now on, all Canadia Card users are able to get a 5% discount off of all Sandara products by simply using their card at the time of purchase.


And to not be left out in the cold, we have signed a very similar deal for all Bred Bank Card Holders, giving them a great 5% off of all Sandara products too.

The future looks bright for continuing these great partnerships, and we are looking forward to creating more beautiful relationships helping our brands reach a much wider audience.

DaraPay Collaboration

Sandara realizes that as Cambodia itself develops so too do the way in which customers shop, which is why we have created a new partnership with Dara Pay.

Darapay the Cambodian Fintech company allows people to buy products in our Pandora Exchange Square shop using their mobile phones.

Dara Pay Partnership with Sandara Cambodia

Sandara is pushing to have a completely cashless experience for all of our customers, and with the this newly signed contract it means that we are one step closer to making this dream a reality. Plus, it’s a really fun way of paying, which I’m sure our customers will agree on.

Influencer Strategy

Along with our fabulous collaboration with DaraPay, we as a brand realize that Cambodia is a young and vibrant country, massively involved in the use of mobile phone technology and social media usage, which is why we have made key strategic partnerships with some of the top targeted social media influencers within our core target segments.

We have the ever lovely actress and Cambodian Star Dy Sonita, along with Cambodia Next Top Model Winner Chan Kongka, and the ever talented Internationally recognized Fashion Designer Natacha Van helping us reach a much wider audience, through their familiar faces, great work, and love of our much sought after brands.

Cambodian Next Top Model Winner Signs With Sandara

Natacha Van Designer Signs With Sandara
Retail Outlet Scaling

And no retail-based company can be successful unless it is growing the retail side shopping establishments that it has. This is why Sandara has opened the new Pandora and Bering shops in Aeon Mall Sen Sok.

This opening was celebrated with a star-studded event and really help bring the Sandara brand to so many people, which we are very proud of.

Looking forward to 2019, we see the opportunities to grow and develop within our beloved Cambodia as a perfect example of modern Cambodian successes. 

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