Dara Ventures is a boutique fast growing retail and distribution house, established in the Kingdom of Cambodia.


The company

With the objective to bring value added to the lifestyle and livelihood of the Cambodian population,

Dara Ventures develops an universe of opportunities and choices for both its employees and its customers.

Dara Ventures builds strong relationships with its partners, suppliers and providers.

Dara Ventures has started to build a portfolio of international brands including Pandora and Bering Timepieces. Since start of operations in August 2018,

Dara Ventures has opened 5 stores in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The company counts 30 employees.


To improve the lives and standard of living of Cambodian consumers by providing affordable luxury products, high quality services and on time delivery performance in order to create lifetime experiences, moments and memories.


To provide the best value products at the most competitive price to Cambodian consumers, while enhancing global customer satisfaction.

Dara Ventures has the objective to provide career development and enhanced living standard to its employees.


Dara Ventures aims at growing its footprint in the Kingdom of Cambodia as well as in Southeast Asia while developing the skills, know how and knowledge of its employees on a constant basis in order to better serve its customers.
Its vision is built around quality, equity, integrity, corporate governance, long term development, which are key pillars of the utmost importance.

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