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DaraPay signs partnership with Sandara

by Sandara Group on

DaraPay signs partnership with Sandara for cashless payment facilities of Pandora and Bering stores


17 December, 2018 Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Sandara and DaraPay sign a partnership to offer convenient payment system to customers at Pandora Exchange Square store.

Following a successful launch last December 6, with the opening of its Pandora and Bering stores in Aeon Sen Sok, Sandara maintains the momentum with the signing of a first partnership with DaraPay.

The vision of Sandara is to develop the customer experience in all its existing and future shops by emphasizing quality customer service and to ease in-store customer interactions. Improving customer service is at the heart of Sandara’s effort to bring international standards to Cambodian consumers.

By adding DaraPay’s payment option in its Exchange Square shop, Sandara is easing the process of payment for its customer. This 100% digital and connected service will enable customers to fill up and pay for purchases through their mobile in just a few clicks. Through the DaraPay app, customers are able to handle many financial transactions through their smartphone, reducing the need to carry and accept cash.

For Brand Manager John Lim: “Cashless payment options are a great way to improve our customer service. For us, collaborating with DaraPay will give us a stronger position in the affordable-luxury market and will offer customers more options. We are delighted to collaborate with DaraPay and are looking forward to a long-lasting partnership.”

Mr. Phok Ratha, General Manager of DaraPay concludes: “Mobile technology has transformed the way we live, work, travel, shop and stay connected. As a FinTech company, DaraPay constantly strives to provide innovative financial services that meet the changing need of our customers. In 2019, we will be offering more solutions to address the growing demand for convenience and access to financial services ensuring that DaraPay stays at the cusp of innovation and offers superior customer experience.”


Darapay sign agreement with Sandara

About Sandara Cambodia

With the objective to bring value added to the lifestyle and livelihood of the Cambodian population, Sandara develops a universe of opportunities and choices for its customers. Sandara builds strong relationships with its partners, suppliers and providers.

Sandara has started to build a portfolio of international brands including Pandora and Bering Timepieces. Since start of operations in August 2018, Sandara has opened 5 stores in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The company now counts nearly 30 employees and aspire to become a leading retail and distribution group in Cambodia.

About DaraPay

DaraPay is a trademark of CANADIA-FULLERTON MOBILE MONEY PLC., a corporation duly established in 2016. DaraPay is a joint venture between Canadia Investment Holding (CIH) of Cambodia and Fullerton Financial Holdings (FHH) of Singapore, for the purpose of operating a mobile wallet and payments business in Cambodia.

The vision and mission of DaraPay is to be the currency of choice for day-to-day payments and transactions and to revolutionizes day-to-day finances by providing a fast, secure and convenient payment ecosystem that creates value and gives peace of mind.

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