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PANDORA Valentine's Day Collection

by Sandara Group on

PANDORA’s new collection celebrates all forms of love. Like an arrow, let your love reach your lucky target. Our range of hand-finished rings, charms, necklaces and bracelets will make you impersonate Cupid and show love to the ones you care about.

Memories of Valentine’s Day

A bracelet on which love is displayed

As a token of love, PANDORA specially crafted this sterling-silver bracelet to offer to your loved one or to gift to yourself. What makes this sublime silverware unique is the possibility to customize them infinitely with PANDORA’s Charms.

A message of love that stays forever

Like a moment in life, a Charm represents a special moment that means a lot for you. A moment that you shared with your loved ones, your family or your friends. PANDORA is all about new memories and it is all what is Valentine’s about, the memory of a beautiful and long-lasting love story. 


A new era of style – PANDORA Wish

The art of craftsmanship

Luxury is in the details. PANDORA’s craftsmanship is unique in its genre, based on the excellency of Danish design, nothing is random or coincidental in our crafts. Each piece is given a great attention and care to ensure that each PANDORA is designed, crafted and finished with the highest precision and the highest standards. As a result, our jewellery is beautifully detailed, versatile and unique and you will treasure it for years.

It is with that attention to details that PANDORA’s Italian designers Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli imagined a collection that will reflect a woman’s ambition and desires.


The symbolism behind the wishbone

Across the ages, many women have changed the world by their statements and their strengths. Thanks to PANDORA, a woman may wish to make a statement with her personal style and to express herself with her styling and her nature.

The wishbone shapes represent that wish. Symbol of limitless potential, the wishbone reflects your ambition and promises, and are a timeless marker of your self-expression. Wear your wishes and bring them alive.

A world of playfulness

What makes PANDORA Wish unique is its stacking element. This collection emphasizes an easy to play and easy to match concept. Mix metals to match the season’s graphic design story.

This idea of playfulness is core to PANDORA’s notion to add a touch of sparkle to every woman’s style.


The beauty of PANDORA Wish jewellery

The Shining Wish and Shimmering Wish Necklaces are a vibrant homage to women. The wishbone necklace in PANDORA Shine or in sterling silver is perfect to display an elegant and modern style.


Inspired by the wishbone, our Shinning Wish and Classic Wish rings are crafted for stacking and can be accumulated on the fingers to create a unique style that will impress everyone.


Two new Charms are added to the list of unique PANDORA Charms with this new collection. The Stylish Wish Charm and the Shimmering Wish Charms are both available in sterling-silver and in PANDORA Shine. Add them to your collection to style your bracelets and in the way that represents you.


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