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PANDORA launches new bracelet concept

by Sandara Group on

PANDORA introduces the second new concept for 2018, progressing on the company’s ambition to innovate their offering across all jewellery categories.



PANDORA, the world’s largest jewellery brand, today launches PANDORA Reflexions, a flat bracelet in precious metals. PANDORA Reflexions comes in three metals: sterling silver, PANDORA Rose, and PANDORA Shine. The bracelet is crafted in a flexible mesh-style, and can be matched with clip-on interchangeable charms that can be tailored to the customer’s own preference. The charms have built-in silicone grips that keep them in place. Stephen Fairchild, Chief Creative Officer at PANDORA said: “We are bringing a new customisable concept for women that are looking to personalise their self-expression. With high quality craftmanship, affordable prices and unique design, PANDORA Reflexions is a new collection that builds on the DNA of our brand. It is also an example of our strategic ambition to lead and innovate the charms category by bringing exciting new products to customers.”


A cornerstone in PANDORA’s five-year strategy is to innovate the product portfolio across all jewellery categories by refreshing existing platforms and introducing new concepts. PANDORA Reflexions is the second new concept introduced in 2018, following the March launch of PANDORA Shine – a collection of 18k gold-plated jewellery. “In contrast to PANDORA’s core charm designs, Reflexions charms are flatter and more sleek in shape, and we expect the clean and timeless look of the bracelet will attract customers seeking this particular fashion trend that has been emerging recently. And though silver is the metal that defines PANDORA charms, the success of rose and gold in certain Asian countries and across the world will be captured with Reflexions launching in three metals - silver, rose and gold”, said Stephen Fairchild.


PANDORA is the global market leader in the charms category. PANDORA Reflexions is the first new charm bracelet concept in five years and utilises the new technological advances that have been built in the company’s crafting facilities over the last two years, including new plating techniques. During 2018, PANDORA will launch around 60 Reflexions products, which will be available in all concept stores globally and the eSTORE.

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